The Boudoir Body Boosting Programme


The Story behind it

After working with many women within the Beautiful Boudoir experience, it has become even more of a mission of mine to help as many women as possible with their self love and body positivity. The women I work with are so inspiring with their determination and courage in putting themselves out there to get the help they want and need.

Body positivity and self love is huge, but it doesn't happen over night, the experience that I offer with a luxury 1:1 boudoir session goes a very long way in helping with this, but what I have learnt, is that many women just aren't at the stage of going ahead with a photoshoot, even though it's their ultimate goal. Then there are the wonderful ladies who have had their boudoir shoot, feel incredible, but don't want the feelings to go, they want to keep them alive, keep the connections they have made and have the continued accountability.

So with all this in mind, The Boudoir Body Boosting Programme has been born.

My new programme is completely aside from a boudoir photography session, think of it as a before boudoir session, to help with body confidence pre shoot, or an after boudoir photography experience, to keep those feelings and momentum going, or just the programme itself, to help you get to where you want to be with your self confidence.

It's an 8 week programme, with online 1:1's with me, and group sessions, working on getting the wonderful ladies to the place they really want to be. There is then a one day retreat where we all come together, finally meeting in person, having lots of fun!


 There will be an option for a makeover and to nail one killer shot at the stunning Cheshire House we will be going to, but it’s an option not a requirement, this is about helping you to get to where you want to be within yourself, with the help and accountability of the other women in the programme, this is going to be very much, women working together, helping and supporting each other.

It is very much Women For Women, working together, not only helping themselves but encouraging and helping each other.

Let’s Work Together


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There are just a couple of places left for the first beta run of the programme at the incredible investment for yourself at just £297, more than half the price of what the next programme will be priced at!
If you want to take advantage of this amazing offer and be a founding lady, get in touch!

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